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OTHER NAMES Milleschauer Berg

TYPE mount
nature reserve

AREA Milešovské středohoří

REGION Lovosice

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50°33'19.485"N, 13°55'53.482"E
The highest mountain of České středohoří with fascinating view of surroundings. Ther is the meteorological observatory with lookout tower on the top of the hill.

Milešovka, called „The Queen of České středohoří“, has beautiful conical form, which is majesticly risen above the other peaks. The average wind speed is 8,5 m/s (30,5 km/hour) and that is way it is the most windy place of the Czech republic. Only 8 days during all the year there is windlessness on this place. Milešovka is also called „Donnersberg“ in Germany („Thunder mount“).Just on this place of our territory the most thunder stormes is recordered.

From geological viewpoint is Milešovka mound of „sodalitický trachyt“. Its steep slopes (up to 30 degree) are covered by wood. The continual strong wind on the top of the mountain formed the spruce branches – they have figure like flag or bayonet.Unfortunately this nature phenomenon is destroyed by immission.Woodless parts of Milešovka are very interesting, too.The most of the important species of the plants in this locality are found on the rocks, rock side or scree called „Výří skály“ and a lot of saved kindes of birds, insect and mollusces.

The top of the hill was visited from old time(primeval ages). We have archaeological ceramics from younger stone age.

In 1819 the famous Germany traveller Alexander von Humboldt visited Milešovka and said, that the view from this hill is the third the most beautiful in the world.That is way he returned to this place till 1839.

In 1825 Antonín Webwr, the publican from Milešov started to sell refreshments for ourist on the top of the hill. Therefore he built the „mossy hovel“ from branches with basic mossy beds, but soon it was made up for brick building, in 1850 there was the stone look-out tower constructed. And well-known meteorological observatory with wiew -tower started to build in 1903.

We can visited the top of Mileovka from Žim- Bílka – Milešov (red sign) and from Kostomlaty – Černčice – Velemín (blue sign). The path to the top is steep and stony but there is the build with souvenirs and refresments on the top.If you want to visit look – out tower, you must ring the bell by the gate and wait for employee of the observatory. The visiting with explanation is possible for group with mor then 20 people.
TRAIN Bořislav (4,5 km), Chotiměř (5km)
BUS Milešov (3 km), Bílka, rozc. Milešovka (3,5 km)
PARKING in the village Černčice (2 km)
in the village squarre of Bílka (2 km)
in the village Milešov (3 km)
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EXTERNAL LINKS Webcam and on line weather on the top of Milešovka
Observatory Milešovka

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AUTHOR Jiří Šedivý, updated on February 2012

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